Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Canon MKIII vs. Nikon D2x noise

I was lucky enough to get to borrow one of the new Canon MK III's to check out it's purported fantastic low noise at high-ISOs (thanks Bob!). I did some quickie test shots with the MK III and my Nikon D2x, and the difference is shocking. May have to change to Canon! (big dollars tho).

These are 5"x5" crops from 100%:

My D2x at 3200 iso:

Bob's MK III at 3200:

Kinda hard to see on the blog, but the color and noise levels from the MKIII is at least three f/stops better than the D2x. Wow. If you shoot in low light alot, like I do, this is very awesome (I know; photographers are weird).