Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I do a lot of Public Relations work for Ronda Bannard (http://www.inspiredconnections.net/), but when she called to have me cover a private benefit for The Women's Media Center featuring a Salon (reading from her book) given by JANE FONDA I jumped at the chance!

Guests were invited for a catered lunch and a select few were also invited to have their pictures taken with her. After lunch she read an excerpt from her book "My life, so far" which talked about her directing her father and Kathryn Hepburn on the set of "On Golden Pond", and added her personal feelings. Very cool.

She then signed books (Jessica and Alyssa have one, although they aren't allowed to read it yet!).

A very classy lady and still looking good at 70! Yikes.

Signing books:

Jane with Rhonda (my boss on this shoot)
Funny sidenote; when I was photographing the "with celebrity" shots, Jane was stressing out about the ambient light coming in from the open patio door to her left. She asked all flustered "What about this cross-lighting? What about this cross-lighting?" pointing at the lights and the patio door. I told her it wasn't factoring into the exposure because I was overpowering it with the strobes; but after the second time she asked, I showed her the image on the back of my D3. She waved her hand up and down and said "Oh, that looks great" as she walked back to her spot. She was much more relaxed after that.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Washington DC Mall

In September I was lucky enough to hired by Mary Knopp (http://www.randallphotography.net/) to go to Washington DC to photograph 1/2 of the 800(!) portraits for her client. Mark Skalny (http://www.markskalny.com/) was the other photographer. He turned out to be a good tour guide as well, when we had an afternoon off and I wanted to tour the Washington Mall, having never had the chance before.

Was a very appropriate time with the elections coming up.

Had fun taking tourist shots.

The capital at sunset:
Washington Monument with a cool sky:

Base of the Washington Monument taken with my 10.5 fisheye:

Mr. Mark Skalny checking out the view of the Washington Monument thru the lens of my 10.5mm fisheye while answering questions from his assistant in Phoenix.

The Lincoln Memorial
The man:
View from the side of the Lincoln Memorial down the Mall.

I guess I was fascinated by Washington Memorial and the sky!
Part of the Korean War Memorial:

Sunset view from the steps of The Capital down the Mall. Forget who the statue is of.

Thanks for the tour, Mark!