Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chile - La Serena

After spending the night at the only motel in the little company town anywhere near the mine (mostly was spent cleaning dust from everywhere on my equipment), we drove back to Antofagasta then flew to the beach town of La Serena where I spent the day recovering from the trip into the desert, backing up files, and more cleaning of dust from everywhere.
Juan Carlos took me to the "best seafood in town" where I got to meet his son who lives in La Serena.
The view north from my hotel in La Serena.  Very beautiful and balmy.

I love my job!  Editing and backing up while taking in the view.

Juan Carlos Olivaros and his son.  Great people.

Delicious seafood here!  The orange shellfish was very different and spicy; I loved it!

Christmas time in Chile, yet summer break for school was about to begin. Felt disorienting!

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